A few words about safety

Whatever your level or riding experience, there are some basic common sense rules you should always follow to enjoy your 4GMoto trackday to the fullest.

  • Get some heat in those tyres (through use of the throttle and brakes in the straights – but stay aware of other riders).
  • Always pay attention to any flags or colour signals being shown (red: slow down and go back to pits – yellow: slow down, no overtaking).
  • Always be cautious and courteous on overtakes – you are not in a race, if a rider is slower than you, then it's up to you to get by safely.
  • This is a racetrack, not a stunt track. No wheelies, stoppies or any other hooliganistic behaviour will be tolerated.
  • Rest assured that all our trackdays have an ambulance and full medical on standby at all times.
  • Professional martials operate on all our trackdays, keeping you safe. Show them plenty of respect!
  • Our team constantly monitors what's happening on track and is in radio contact with the circuit management. If a rider misbehaves or rides in a dangerous manner, we may be called upon to ask him to stop riding. No refunds will be given.


Every bike will be looked over before being allowed on track. Make sure all areas, from the brakes to the tyres and the suspension, are in good condition. Headlights should be taped over and mirrors either folded or removed.


All riders will be required to have the following:

  • Full face helmet with functional visor, less than 5 years old.
  • Leather suit, either one-piece or two-piece if jackets and trousers can be zipped together.
  • Proper circuit boots.
  • Proper racing gloves.

A back protector is compulsory. If you have forgotten something or simply want to try our top quality equipment, all items can be rented or bought from 4G onsite.