How to get the best out of your 4G trackday

Focus on what's most important: enjoying yourself! We'll handle the rest…

Your bike

Using your own bike? Start with a quick visual check of the most obvious components: brakes, frame, bodywork and suspension. Tyres are so important to a good trackday. Don't skimp or think that the track is the ideal place to "finish" a set of ageing tyres. Quite the contrary! Trying to save a few bob in that department could see you facing an expensive repair bill. Good condition, track-ready tyres are crucial. 4G is partnered with Bridgestone. Buy their high-performance tyres onsite and have them fitted there and then by the 4G mechanics.


Most 4G trackdays are attended by a professional photographer. Although independent, the photographer is accredited by 4G to shoot during our events. Check directly with the photographer for pricing and packages.

Renting a bike or equipment

4G is partnered with Ducati and offers the marque's premium bikes to rent at very competitive prices. A deposit is required to rent a bike. We offer a special insurance package to cover up to 1000€'s worth of damage in case the unfortunate happens. Contact us for details.

We are also partnered with Alpinestars (racing suits, boots and back protectors), LS2 (helmets), Five (racing gloves) and others and have most sizes at each event, ready for you to rent should you either wish to try out premium quality equipment or simply avoid the chore of having to travel with your own equipment.