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4 Different groups of levels (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Driver) allow you to ride safely and enjoy yourself by applying driving techniques.

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The gift box day of riding on motorcycle circuit is divided into 4 different groups of levels (Beginner, Intermediate, Confirmed and Driver) allow to ride safely and have fun using the techniques of driving.

Motorcycle training provides participating drivers with quality coaching.

Each rider can ride his hand and enjoy these exciting moments to satisfy his passion for the bike.

For more safety, motorcycle riding sessions are limited in number of participants, the levels are homogeneous as no less than 5 people of the Staff 4G ensure balancing levels.

You will ride alongside the instructors who will be at your disposal throughout the day of training to advise you and explain the corrections to make to your position or your trajectories.

Informations de circuit (temps de roulage, décibels, horaires)

Paul Ricard
Limite décibels (DB) 99 DB 95 DB week-end/jours fériés
100 DB semaine
Pas de limitation DB 100 DB
Horaires de roulage 6 sessions de 15/20 mn (3 matin/3 après-midi) 9h/12h - 14h/17h30 6 sessions de 15/20mn (3 matin/3 après-midi) 9h/12h - 14h/18h 6 sessions de 15mn (3 matin/3 après-midi) 9h/13h - 14h/18h 8 sessions de 15mn (4 matin/4 après-midi) 9h/13h - 14h/18h
A (Débutant) - - - -
B (Moyen) 1'55 1'45 2'00 1'15
C (Moyen +) 1'45 1'35 1'45 1'09
D (Confirmé) 1'35 1'25 1'40 1'06
E (Confirmé +) - - 1'35 -